Pimples Extraction Steps Without Leaving a Scar and Pimples Popping Videos

We are talking about Pimples Extraction Steps very fast and watch Pimples Popping Videos,  So, you have a pimple It's right there staring at you and you want to pop it so desperately But you know that you're not supposed to, but you really want to Sound familiar?

The truth is you really shouldn't be touching any blemishes or breakups on your skin Because you can very easily cause more scarring and even more problems By jabbing at it with your dirty fingers and spreading the bacteria around.

But what if we told you, there is one type you can safely pop at home? Today we're going to tell you the extract process and tell you guys the proper way of popping and draining a pimple Without getting hyper-pigmentation or scarring and redness afterward.

But before we going to tell you guys the secrets of how to properly pop and treat the blemish Let's quickly go over which types you can touch And also all the reasons why we're always told not to squeeze.

1: Are all blemishes and acne the same?

 So not all blemishes and acne are the same but They do a start for the same reason; an inflamed hair follicle on the skin.

Whiteheads are a type of small blemish that is common and also dries out pretty quickly. When it comes to whiteheads a lot of people are actually very confused about what they are Whiteheads are small blemishes caused by Propionibacterium acne or P acne bacteria.

This type of breakout doesn't have much redness or pain when you touch it Unlike a papule, a pustule, or a cyst.

When they're formed, the infection comes to the surface quickly and forms a white-colored head With no or little redness The pus pops easily, not much redness or pain should be felt Whiteheads have a quick life cycle when it comes to types of breakouts.

These are the only breakouts that you should consider touching if you have to. But don't get these confused with pustules and milia These are definitely not to touch.

2: Why are we told not to squeeze? 

When you squeeze a breakout that's not just the whitehead You're essentially pushing the insides in two directions Up and down And actually most of the build-up goes deeper into the skin When you're forcefully pushing down on it.

Sure a little of the pus may be let out but the dead skin cells, the dirt, and the oil and just bacteria all go steep or down into the skin Making the pimple worse Something that was just one inflamed pore has spread and potentially turned into multiple problems.

Have you ever popped one and then like two more pop up next to it? This is the reason and not just that but when you pick out a pimple you can cause scarring even permanent ones.

3: Why do pimples hurt so much? 

Pimples and breakouts are painful in general on the surface and psychologically right? But the reason for the physical pain is Because the body recognizes the pimple which is an inflammation and It's trying to get rid of the stuff that doesn't belong there.

So it's the redness, inflammation, and swelling caused by the build-up of oils, dead skin, and bacteria That caused the pain Your body sends white blood cells to try and fight the inflammation which is what we see as pus So if you try to pop that pimple you actually reverse the progress the body has made And trying to get that buildup out.

4: Proper acne extraction steps without leaving a scar

So now we've told you why you really shouldn't make a habit of touching and popping your pimples Now, we're going to show you the one and only time and the one and only pimple that you can touch Pop it!

Before going in you first want to cleanse, exfoliate, and then apply a warm steam compress To warm your skin before starting Starting with warm skin makes any extraction much easier and less prone to forceful scarring As your pores are open, making it much easier.

Wrap both your fingers in tissues and use q-tips to gently squeeze either side of the whitehead It should come out with ease with little to no pain. If you have to use any additional force or push down with resistance and if it hurts then it might actually be a pustule so you should not squeeze it.

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