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Hi, guys, it's dr. Sandra Lee you guys also know me as dr. pimple popper you also see my many videos on youtube. Let's talk about acne today and this is a subject that I get a lot of questions about all of us at some point our life has probably had a pimple.

So we all kind of know what it's like you know even though it's not life-threatening and this is something I try to remind my patients all the time. Acne or bad acne can really hold you back and can really affect how your personality develops.

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That's our role as a dermatologist to really help to manage your acne during this time and to make you feel a little more confident about yourself and also to make sure we try to minimize acne scarring as much as we can.

I'm going to try to answer some of the questions that you have asked me on Dr. Pimple Popper You tube channel and on my Instagram hopefully, I can answer all your questions that I can make you feel better about those bumps that you have on your skin.

what is acne? (Pimple)

 essentially it's just a chronic inflammation of our hair follicles essentially or follicles in our skin acne vulgaris is the medical term for acne that we all know ok there's all other kinds of acne - which are much rarer like gram-negative folliculitis, acne fulminant, acne rosacea other different specific types of acne which we really won't go over because they're not really common I think in general most of us who are talking about acne are talking about acne vulgaris.

It happens primarily on the face but it can also happen on other oily areas of your body like your chests in your back and even your scalp so those are probably the most common areas but you can get it anywhere on your body acne starts in the pores of our skin and pores are really composed of a follicle a hair grows out of there and then we also have a sebaceous gland which is actually an oil gland and it produces oil that essentially lubricates our skin.

So people with oily skin have just a lot more natural lubrication. The issue is is that this oil can trap skin in these pores and if there's bacterial presence these microorganisms can kind of create a local infection there and that's when you get these papules and these pustules these red bumps that come up.

The primary lesion and acne are called the comodo we also call it the comedones. A comedones are blackheads or whiteheads the difference between them is a blackhead is an open comedones meaning that this pore that is packed with keratin which is skin cells is open to the surface of the skin these skin cells are exposed to oxygen and they darken the difference between that and a whitehead is a closed comedo meaning that there's a cover over it it's white-colored and you usually can't see it very well unless you really stretch the skin but this is white-colored because it's not exposed to air so it's called a closed comedones.

Then the next level of severity is to have a papule or a pustule there are a bacteria on our skin called Proprio no bacterium acnes I know that sounds fancy we call it P acnes for short this actually is a bacteria that when it gets trapped into the skin with a blackhead or whitehead it produces a papular a pustule and that's where we get our pimples.

Simple Treatment of Acne 

When you have coma tones whiteheads and blackheads that is actually very responsive to a retina or Tretton Owen is actually the generic term there are all different kinds of retina products.

The retina is a prescription it is actually a stronger form of retinol which you can get over the counter but Trenton Owen is 20 times more potent than retinol. We recommend that people apply there on their faces on a nightly basis we say that because it's sort of deactivated by the Sun it won't work as well if you use it during the day.

Little pea-sized drop with a little little bit goes a long way because sometimes it's depending on the potency of the Retina it can be drying for you. So we usually use that in general when people have blackheads and whiteheads.

When we talk about women adult women that this might be sort of hormonal II regulated your acne might consider treating with oral contraceptives, birth control pills can actually help acne in general cause it helps to regulate your hormones.

Now if you have papules or pustules or some kind of inflammatory component where it's red and painful that's when we suspect that there are bacteria involved. So that's when we might use some topical antibiotic kind of treatment something that's going to help to kill bacteria on the surface or skin like benzoyl peroxide acne Meissen clindamycin those sorts of things.

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