Pimple Popping Videos

First Thank Yor For reading and watch our Pimple Popping Videos and article. We're gonna talk about popping not popcorn but your pimples as acne sufferers we've both heard it before don't pop your pimples sounds like a lecture from parents or an older sister or your favorite beauty guru.

Pimple Popping Videos

Tips or Stop Pimple Popping

What are we supposed to do you will forever regret popping that pimple when you do apply pressure with your fingers I know it's oddly satisfying but there are so many reasons it actually makes the problem so much worse.

 1. It ruptures cell walls you can think of the cells in your skin like a tiny neighborhood and each cell is a house that has a little picket fence around it when you squeeze those together it's like rupturing the cell walls aka those fences.

 2. the pimple that you squeeze can get infected your hands do a lot of effective things throughout the day but they also pick up a lot of bacteria.

 3.  worst of all it can spread that bacteria that can cause five more pimples to pop up in that one place let me be honest with you and make a confession for me popping pimples was more of a psychological urge there was something so strangely satisfying about popping a pimple.

Another part of that is just don't look in the mirror every 10 seconds here are some other solutions to keep yourself from picking but it worked for me.

1. if you're dying to touch your face or to scoop anything try clumping your face and using an acne medication instead if you need that feeling to use something that tingles a little bit.

2. use a little bit of ice not only does this give us a sensation on our face but ice is great for taking down inflammation so you can help with redness and to the size of a pimple.

3. put on some makeup I know that this sounds counterintuitive but when I have mascara on I'm a lot less likely to rub my eyes when I have a cool face of foundation on I'm a lot less likely to rub my skin this helps keep my fingers off.

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